When you hear the word CMA, do you wonder where to start and what properties to select for your report? In this class we will cover the appraisal process, value of property, 3 approaches of value, who really needs a CMA and what a CMA is. We will discuss the principles for choosing a comparable, selecting the properties and making the correct adjustments. We will break into groups and do a CMA, we have a selected home, we will pick the comps and come up with a suggested List price. We will discuss why we came up with the comps we picked and the price we would suggest to list to the seller. . After this class you’ll be able to do a CMA with confidence!  



This class will be a discussion on a variety of subjects. We will go over how to hold an open house that produces results along with the Virtual Open House. Have you though about hiring a coach or maybe becoming a coach, we will go over what a good coach for Real Estate really does for you; Is farming really for you and if you are farming are you doing the right things to produce future results. What is a Buyer’s Presentation and why you really need one? Will discuss the changed in our Market with the iBuyer, will also discuss Safety issues, we all need to be aware of, Business Cards, what you need to have on yours. Have you ever wondered in this paperless society what you really need to be keeping for the IRS? We will go over what is expected in case of an audit and much more, so please join us.

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 In a group exercise, this class will cover the 1 - 4 family contract, pick which other forms are needed for the offer, go through the paragraphs that are confusing and answer any questions that you may have along with which forms to use for different types of sales.  We will discuss Short Sales, Foreclosures (REO’s), Auctions also we will go over what a MUD is and how to determine which form to use, go over what an HOA’s does and talk about their forms what information should be included.  We will discuss the History of Mortgages and the different types Mortgages, ratios for each & current interest rates, along with the Title Commitment and the Closing Disclosure and costs.  

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 This class will examine Surveys, why we need one, the different types of surveys and the use of the existing Survey and the T-47. Since Harvey, it is important to know what an Elevation Certificate is, who needs it and why, plus where you can find yours.   We will cover Title Policy changes in the contract and what they really mean, the HOA forms, who pays for what and the charges that the Buyer/Seller will need to pay.  We will also review MUD’s, how it is created, the purpose of the MUD, how to find the correct form to use for Listing/Sales, where to find information needed for the form and why it is important.  In addition, we will review different flood zones and windstorm insurance.

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In this class, we will break into small groups, fill out the 1 to 4 Family Residential Contract, select other forms needed for this transaction. Then discuss in detail each promulgated contract form and discussed each in order to familiarize yourself with its appropriate use for a given real estate transaction. Recognize the elements that comprise valid contracts. Learn how and when to use the correct Texas promulgated Purchase Contract Forms, Addenda, disclosures, and Notices used in residential real estate transactions. Specific attention has been given to those subjects that will enable you to practice real estate brokerage in a lawful and knowledgeable way. Topics include the essential elements of contracts, requirements and usage of the promulgated contract forms, the Seller’s Disclosure of Property Condition, and an overview of all the promulgated forms and addenda.

NOTE **** There are 4 Files that will need to be downloaded for class - See Download Section below or Class Material tab for the files that are needed for class.   You can Print them or load them on your Laptop/iPad, to follow along during class. 

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During this class we will go over what an iBuyer is, who they are and what markets they are in, how they emerged in our markets; what their business model is; what the process is for the Home owner who wants to sell their home to them.  Then we will discuss how they would select an iBuyer and if it would be good for them.  We will finish the class by looking at how this affects our business, concerns about selling a home listed by an iBuyer and what we need to include in our Listing Presentations and the future of the iBuyer.  

  Virtual class available  

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